The Honey-Infused Conditioner That Even Those With Thin Hair Can Use

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To first glance at the Gisou Honey Conditioner ($34) is to see its pretty facade. Equal parts prim and vibey, the minimalist, pale pink branding exudes the universal-yet-aspirational “cool girl” appeal inherent to brands like Ouai and Glossier. Furthermore, as with brands of its ilk, Gisou proves to be more than just a pretty face. The products, many of which include honey–the secret sauce and raison d’etre for the brand itself–are, well, buzzy. And for good reason.

Consider the brand’s Honey Conditioner, for instance. It’s gleaned a lot of hype for how soft, silky, and smooth it leaves hair of all textures, as well as for its detangling prowess. All of these attributes can, in part, be traced back to one key ingredient: honey. As it turns out, the sweet treat, which also touts benefits for skin, nourishes strands, too. Honey is a humectant (meaning that it draws moisture in from the surrounding air). For this reason, “honey maintains the hair’s natural moisture balance,” the brand notes on its website. Carla Marina Marchese, founder of Red Bee Honey previously explained to Well + Good why, exactly this is: “Honey is moisture-grabbing because it’s a supersaturated solution, meaning the bees mix a lot of sugars into a little bit of water,” she shared, “So [honey] is always trying to grab water from the air to balance out the sugar

Honey is also rich in amino acids–proteins that help strengthen hair from the inside out. (You’ll often find amino acids added to conditioning products for this reason, oftentimes derived from wheat.) The conditioner itself is surprisingly lightweight. For purposes of allowing the hair to move freely without feeling weighed down, it’s a non-issue. That said, if you tend to gravitate toward rich, thick hair masks on the reg, and/or if your hair feels thirsty, you may want to consider the Gisou Hair Mask ($54). Like the Honey Conditioner, the Hair Mask aims to nourish and strengthen, albeit more intensely. (Tip: If you do use both the conditioner and the hair mask, ensure you use the hair mask first. According to the brand, shampoo opens the hair cuticles, conditioner penetrates, and the mask seals all the good stuff in.)

In addition to a silky, shiny look and feel, this conditioner imparts a scent; one that’s aptly swoon-worthy. (Imagine the most scrumptious honey-centric scent possible and then multiply that amazingness by five.) Should you fall deeply in love with the smell of honied hair–many people have–consider the brand’s designated Hair Perfume, which allows for a quick re-up without drying out the hair in the way that a traditional fragrance would. Sweet, right?

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