Meet the Suction Sex Toy a Sexologist Wants You To Use on *All* Your Erogenous Zones

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Given that the easiest way for most vulva-owners to orgasm is through clitoral stimulation, it makes sense that there’s a whole host of different types of vibrators out there that cater to exactly that. But if you haven’t already, one option that’s particularly worth trying is a suction toy, like the Unbound Puff vibrator. This pleasure product uses air suction to stimulate the clitoris in a way that’s designed to mimic the sensation of receiving oral sex–no partner needed.

The Unbound Puff vibrator works by creating suction surrounding the clitoris in order to stimulate it from 360 degrees. And if “suction” conjures more of a vacuum cleaner to you than an orgasm-generating tool, think again: Puff has five intensity settings, so you can suck with caution at first, if you will, and then gradually step it up, if you feel so inclined.

In fact, sexologist Megan Stubbs, EdD, says a suction vibrator is a great choice for someone with a more sensitive clitoris. “With this type of toy, you don’t have to experience that direct pinpoint vibration,” she says. “So it could be a fun option for exploring with teasing or hovering around that area to find a position that feels good to you.” If, on the flip side, you’re a veteran vibrator-user or are already a longtime fan of suction vibes, you might still consider putting this one to the test, as it’s been specially created to achieve and hold an optimal suction position.

“On a technical level, suction vibes only produce the suction sensation when there is an airtight seal between the product’s opening and the user’s anatomy,” says Latika Sridhar, the senior product manager at Unbound who led the design and development of Puff. “This inspired Puff’s sculpted geometry, which comfortably fits in the palm of the user’s hand for a gentle, maneuverable grip.” (In other words, no hand or finger cramps here!) The buttons to increase or decrease the suction intensity are raised, so you can easily find them without looking. Or, just push the Puff down with your hand more firmly, and you’ll instantly feel a spike in sensation.

“You can explore the vibration, percussion, or suction of any toy basically anywhere on your body–for instance, in other erogenous zones like the nipples–and see what feels good.” –Megan Stubbs, EdD, sexologist

Additionally, although the Unbound Puff was made with the clitoris in mind, there’s no reason you can’t use it elsewhere, says Dr. Stubbs. “You can explore the vibration, percussion, or suction of any toy basically anywhere on your body–for instance, in other erogenous zones like the nipples–and see what feels good.”

And while Puff is, of course, great for solo play, you can also whip it out during partnered sex, too–for example, by adding it in when you’re experiencing penetrative sex or while making out with a partner in order to up your overall degree of sexual stimulation, says Dr. Stubbs. Not to mention, it’s also quiet and compact, so you can discretely Puff–and poof, you’re done, without barely making a peep (unless, of course, you want to).

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