I’m A Healer & Here’s My Go-To Weekly Ritual For Ultimate Self-Care

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Of all the beautifying and wellness rituals out there, baths certainly are among the most popular. In modern times, and in the West, we speak of them using words like “pampering,” “indulgent,” and “splurge.” Of course, bathing practices can be all of those things should you want them to be–but they can also be a vital and integral part of regular life and rejuvenation, as they have been for all of human history. It’s right in the vein of what we talk about here all of the time at mindbodygreen: Taking care of yourself–whatever that looks like to you–shouldn’t be viewed as superficial or lavish.

But here’s one area in which our bathing association with opulence might be spot-on: space. Bathtubs, especially the soaking kind, aren’t a given in many homes or apartments. For Mama Medicine, or Deborah Hanekamp (who wrote a book called Ritual Baths, mind you), she turns to foot soaks in these instances.

“Personally I try to do a ritual bath once a week, but guess what? I lost my bathtub in my apartment–it was taken away from me. Instead, I got really into foot soaks,” she tells me on a recent episode of mindbodygreen’s Clean Beauty School.

Here, her go-to foot soak routine.

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