Astrologically Speaking, Should We Brace Ourselves for Bad Luck on Friday the 13th?

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If you’ve never felt any Friday the 13th scaries before, well, 2020 feels like the right year for them to start. This entire year has seemed like an exercise in weathering tough times and bad fortune, so it might well feel extra terrifying to see that ominous date on the calendar, as if looking to a profoundly dark season finale. Well, here’s a plot twist: Through an astrological lens, the upcoming Friday the 13th, November 13, 2020, might even be luckier than November 11 (11-11, baby), which occurred earlier this week. That is, if you know how to use the cosmic powers wisely.

Here’s the situation: Mars Retrograde finally ends on Friday the 13th, having been backpedaling since September 9th. And that’s good news, not only for the day itself, but as part of 2020’s entire astrological story arc. “Mars is the planet of action, of drive, of will,” says Maria Sofia Marmanides, tarot-card reader and astrologer. “It points to how we direct our energy, how we compete, how we tackle challenges. When he goes retrograde, all of those key themes become muted at best, or frustrated at worst. If it’s been hard to get things done or to find the energy to keep going, or you’ve been feeling lethargic, uninspired, or unmotivated, Mars retrograde can certainly have been a contributing factor over these last few months.”

“If something fell off your radar, or you sidelined a passion project, this will be a good time to restart.” –Maria Sofia Marmanides, tarot-card reader and astrologer.

So if you’ve been feeling especially stagnant this month (raise of hands!), Friday the 13th may feel like a huge release, astrologically. Mars stationing direct and moving into forward motion will give a big burst of energy and momentum, for better or for worse. “With Mars in his home sign [Aries], he’ll be charging forth, wanting to get things moving, get things done, and direct them towards personal victory,” says Marmanides. “If something fell off your radar, or you sidelined a passion project, this will be a good time to restart. If you’ve been hoping for a proverbial green light, now is the time.”

So who might feel most impacted by this particular transit? Anyone who has planets in Aries or Scorpio, the signs that Mars tends to rule (a birth chart generator can help you understand if this describes you). Also, if your sun, moon, or ascendant are in those signs, you may feel this planetary energy more potently. And since we’re in the midst of Scorpio season and have a new moon in Scorpio this weekend, Mars is very highlighted right now astrologically. Basically, we’re all pretty likely to feel this flush of go-getter energy.

“We’ll feel this forward-motion impact in that Aries-themed area of our lives,” says Marmanides. “Mars in Aries is bold, courageous and, above all, independent. When he transits through your Aries house, he is requiring you to examine where you can embody those characteristics more–being more daring, less timid, and more confident. It could be an area where you may have been seeking someone else’s approval before realizing that the only permission you need is your own.”

So, this Friday the 13th, tip-toeing around the day in fear won’t even serve you because Mars going direct should be empowering. That said, as Marmanides points out, this is a key moment in the astrology of 2020, and it’s good to remember that every transit can play out in a high or lower-vibe manifestation. The key, therefore, is always how we use and harness the energy.

“Mars turning direct is a great time to re-ignite projects, but it’s also wise to remember that you or other people may come in very hot because of all that pent-up frustration,” she says. “Direct that energy toward causes you care about and not toward personal attacks as the best use of this moment.”

Originally published on September 12, 2019; updated on November 12, 2020. With reporting by Allie Flinn.

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