A Quick Test To Find Out If You’re Actually On The Right Path In Life

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You’re probably wondering: How can you consult your intuition like Zukav? After all, not all of us are spiritual icons who can tap into our emotions at the drop of a hat. That’s why Zukav offers a quick exercise to test your intuition and determine whether you are attracting meaning into your life.

“Before you speak, ask yourself: ‘What is my intention?'” he says. “So if you’re thinking of changing jobs and you say, ‘Why do I want to change jobs?’ your first answer might be: ‘I want to make more money.’ Ask yourself ‘Why?’ and it might be: ‘Well, I want to get a bigger house.’ Why? ‘Because I want people to admire me.’ Why? And you keep going down, and down, and down.”

He continues, “If you find out that what you’re doing benefits you, that’s an intention of fear. And if you find that it gives you joy, meaning, fulfillment, and other people are involved in a good way, then you know the intention is love.” Simple, right? He’s not saying one path is better than the other (we all act out of fear sometimes, and that’s OK), but when you act with love, you “create constructive and blissful consequences for yourself.”

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